Assessment of external and internal environment factors. Requirements' analysis for the success of operational objectives.
Measurement of information maturity factors and reorganization of services.
Assessment of internal and external environmental factors of the Healthcare Service Provider.
Development of a strategic IT development plan.
Requirements analysis and design of information system for the short and long term.
Analysis of functional requirements and development of reorganization methods.
Assessment of personnel 'informational maturity' and preparation of a training plan.
Proposal composition for system equipment to achieve high availability.
Proposal composition for data security and integrity.


Installation of equipment, networks, operating systems and database management systems.
Installation of local area network (LAN) computing environment.
Installation of High Availability Clusters Systems.
Installation and Configuration of Database and Secure Backup Environment.


• Project Management
• Customization and initialization services
• Development of customized applications
• Development of training plan
• Training seminars and On-the-job-training
• Supportive services for collecting and organizing initialisation data
• Provision of qualified personnel support for processes and effective software use
• Provision of expert advice on re-engineering of processes
• Provision of advice and suggestions for optimal system performance in terms of spatial planning, responsibilities per person and flow of work


• Telephone support (HelpDesk)
• Provision of on-site support personnel
• Provision of qualified personnel support for processes and effective software use
• Consulting services for use in procedures
• Performance of prudential checks on the operation of an information system (equipment and applications)
• Evaluation of use of an information system
• Provision of upgrades of information system applications
• Maintenance and support services
• Documentation (Ticketing and CRM)


Study and implementation of interconnections with heterogeneous systems based on internationally recognized methodologies (Web Services, API's) and protocols (HL7, CDA, DICOM).

* IDIKA -> National e-Governement Organisation
* EOPYY -> National Health Insurance Organisation
* EKAPTY -> National Registry of Medical Devices
* DIAVGEIA -> National Registry of Government Documents


Project Management, Implementation of Information Systems and Personnel Training
for Healthcare Service Providers
(Public and Private Sector).

System Analysis and Design.
RDBMS, High Availability Clusters,
Cloud Computing, Wearable Devices,
IoT Devices, Artificial Intelligence.

Healthcare Information Standards
Communication Protocols (HL7, CDA).

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