Case Studies

1. Private Hospital "St. Lucas" (Agios Loucas), Thessaloniki, Health Information System

"St Loucas" hospital is one of the biggest private Hospitals addressing the whole northern Greece population, incorporating Primary and Secondary Care Units as well as a robust Cardiovascular Unit.

"St Lucas" Hospital trusts "Computer Team's Health Information System" for everyday information needs, after having developed a roadmap of achieving technological and quality excellence.

"St Lucas" Hospital, through best usage and full exploitation of its Information System, aims at:
  • Providing quality services to the patient, both in health services enjoyed, and at managerial level (financial transactions)
  • Optimal organization of nursing, laboratory and financial-management services
  • Better security control through access rights and use of specific passwords of users in applications or application groups at various levels, depending on the user position and role
  • Reducing processing and administrating time
  • Faster reliable complex reports extracted from the system

Computer Team helps "St Loucas" hospital to achieve their goals, having identified the following success factors:

  • Clear definition of information development objectives
  • Design of a strategic information development plan and installation of a highly parametric and customized Integrated Hospital Information System , which ensures durability and flexibility
  • Focus on deep understanding the processes and the objectives by the customer
  • Focus on the human factor (friendly design applications - adequate training of users)
  • Sincere cooperation of all agents involved in the project (Company - Hospital)
  • Insisting on quality and commitment to the objectives

2. Central Greece Regional Health Information System

The objective of the project was the development of an Integrated Information System for Hospitals for the entire Regional Health System. The main characteristic of a regional system being the ability to manage the network as a whole, the information system main characteristics should be the specifications for: common encodings, common material lists, common centralized procurement system, common and uniform balance sheet accounts and shared uniform identification numbers of patient records.

The procurement included the whole IT systems and software as well as all services required for installation, configuration, interface, and operational support of the Healthcare Integrated Information System of Regional Health System and Welfare of Central Greece.

The project was divided into the following sections of work:

  • Administrative-Financial Subsystem
  • Patient Administration Subsystem
  • Medical Subsystem
  • Business Intelligence Subsystem
  • Biomedical Engineering Management Subsystem

The distributed computer network creates a health services network comprising of 8 district hospitals, intercommunication being done through the secure public greek network named "SYZEFXIS", and with the usage of distributed database tools.

The Integrated Information System is installed as a distributed, networked system in the following District Units: